New AC Sytem Installs


It may be time to replace your old unit with an energy efficient AC system.  All of our new units come with a 10 year parts warranty and a one year labor warranty.   Start saving energy and money (possible tax credits).

AC Repairs


From time to time parts of your AC system may break-down like a fan motor, compressor, or capacitor.  Repairing or replacing a part could be more cost effective than replacing a the whole system.

AC Maintenance


Maintenance on your Air Conditioning system regularly could prevent major damage and keep your system running efficiently.  We recommend getting a AC tune-up twice a year in the Spring and Fall.

AC Make & Models


We work on all major makes and models.   We have accounts with most of the HVAC warehouses in Las Vegas, NV.  Therefore, whatever the system you have or want we can get the replacement parts or a whole brand system.

Ductless, Minisplit Systems


Ductless AC systems are more efficient than central air conditioners.   We can install and repair mini-split systems.  Sometimes they are a better option if you want to add one to an extra room or cooling down a high-use garage.

Air Purification


We offer the best Air Purification Systems that connect to your existing AC system.  These filters are excellent at reducing dust and particles for allergy suffers.  Start breathing the freshest air possible.